10bn – an unmissable opportunity for students to experiment and explore

10bn blog post

Last week we had a meeting where we discussed the key themes and opportunities 10bn offers. One of the points which struck me as particularly important is the fact that it is a space for students to experiment and take risks.

I graduated in 2015, meaning I was the first year of students to pay the £9000 fees. I, myself, and every person I spoke to about this whilst at University, felt an immense pressure to achieve at least a 2:1 in their degree. This pressure and drive towards achieving a particular mark in every module, and assignment, meant that a lot of students tended to err on the side of caution to ensure they achieved this, both in terms of the modules they chose and the assignments they wrote.

Reflecting on it now, I wonder, did I miss out on learning experiences and opportunities by so often ‘playing it safe’?. With high tuition fees and the ever-competitive graduate jobs market, this pressure is not going away any time soon.

This is why 10bn is an unmissable opportunity. It offers a non-assessed space for students to participate in a debate on an exciting and uncertain topic, which has no definite answers. This is a chance for disruption, for stepping outside of your discipline and extending your learning. It is an opportunity to explore interests and discover new ones.

10bn will empower students to explore and discover concepts and points of view that they may never have thought about or even heard of. By exposing students to approaches and concepts from different disciplines, students will return to their own discipline with fresh insight and thoughts.

The skills associated with playing with, and questioning, ideas on an inter-disciplinary topic, will inspire a unique kind of personal and professional development. Being receptive to new concepts, and bringing new thoughts to the table yourself, are qualities valued by staff, employers and other students alike.

The space for risk-taking and potential for academic exploration that 10bn offers should be seized with both hands by students at the University of Sheffield – what have you got to lose, and what are you waiting for?

Sign up here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/course/achieve-more

Grace Jones

Grace is a Projects and Development Assistant working on Achieve More L2: 10bn

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