Introducing the 10bn Magazine

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The 10bn Magazine is finally here!

This unique publication, which covers a range of topics related to living in a world of 10 billion, was created by a team of second year students as part of AML2:10bn 2015-16.

Subjects such as migration, climate-change, biodiversity, religion, food and more are all explored via a range of mediums including essays, poetry, art and photography.

The magazine is available to read online now.

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The magazine’s editorial team was:

Tayma A Bartram (Picture Editor); Michael CW Chilton (Editor); Harriet A Hales (Copy Editor); Elka Hubenova (Online Editor); Dinora AA Kruja (Deputy Editor); Evelyn A Mantoiu (Contributor); Kate M Marron (Graphic Design Contributor)

The 10bn magazine was sent to a few experts for critical review. Here’s what they had to say:


[The magazine is] very impressive, reminiscent of the big corporate style reports I sometimes get from Greenpeace or BP.  The production values, layout and use of imagery is strong [and it has] a really nice mix of stories across a big area. The articles are well written, informative and curated nicely.

All in all, a very impressive piece of work.

~ Alan Grady,Programme Editor, ITN, Channel 5 News


The magazine looks excellent.

~ Anwar Ahktar, director of The Samosa


This [is an] excellent critical assessment […] of population growth [that is] lucid, well structured and easy to read and absorb.

[The magazine shows] an appreciation of the fragility of the rule of law and the necessity to construct appropriate social and legal architecture to run in parallel with scientific innovation.  That requires an awareness by intelligent and perceptive young people and this endeavour illustrates that Sheffield University is well up to the mark.  

I congratulate all involved for their effort and erudition.

~ Judge Sir Howard Morrison QC

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