10/10 Showcase Event

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On 10.10.16, we held an event to celebrate and showcase the work of students who were involved in Achieve More Level 2: 10bn last year.

We also launched AML2:10bn 2016-17 – a 3 week programme for second year undergraduate students at the University of Sheffield, taking place online and across campus 13 Feb – 3 March 2017.

Here are just some of the evening’s highlights:

1. The Students

The event was an opportunity for the previous year’s AML2:10bn student groups to showcase the work they have been carrying out over the summer break. And they didn’t disappoint!

All five project groups exhibited and presented their research:

  • Aquaponics: The Future of Resilience Food
  • Exploring Attitudes to Migration
  • Sheffield Biodiversity
  • Saving Energy with Virtual Reality
  • The 10bn Student Magazine
The migration research team presenting their findings
The migration research team present their findings
The VR team introducing their undergrad. research project
The VR team introduce their undergrad. research project

3. The Magazine

The event saw the launch of the 10bn magazine, a student-produced publication which captures students’ wide-ranging responses to the theme of 10bn.

The magazine covers everything from climate change to migration to politics, with contributors communicating their thoughts via a range of mediums, including poetry, artwork and photography.

You can read the magazine online here.

The Editor launching the 10bn magazine
The Editor of the 10bn magazine
The magazine group proudly displaying the finished 10bn magazine
The magazine group proudly displaying the finished magazine

2. The Food

A fabulous reclaimed food buffet was provided by The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield.

Guests devoured the fresh fruit, muffins, sandwiches and salads provided by this sustainable organisation. There was even a pheasant pie to sample!

The few morsels left over at the end of the evening were quickly swooped up by students and taken back to share with their housemates (we hope!).

After all, waste not want not!

3. The guests

The HRI was full to bursting with academics and professional services staff, as well current second year students, all excited to see the work students had produced.

Our deputy PVC for Learning & Teaching, Paul Latreille, was one of the academics to speak at the event. He began by congratulating the students on their hard work, and went on to say how impressed he was by the quality of their projects.

We also heard from Amanda Crawley Jackson and Alastair Buckley, the academics heading up the programme. They too were impressed by the students’ work and talked about their exciting plans for the year ahead.

Our guests gave us some really positive feedback, too:

All in all the event was a wonderful way to celebrate the work that students at the University of Sheffield have produced, and to look forward to the year ahead.

If you’re a current second year undergraduate student interested in taking part in next year’s programme, you can sign up and find out more here.

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